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Apr 9 14

BREAKING: Corrupt DOJ to Investigate Corrupt IRS

by TAP 1

It looks like there is some motion to reprimand the fall guy for the IRS targeting scandal, Lois Lerner.

According to The Blaze:

A House committee voted 23-14 along party lines to refer Lois Lerner, the former IRS official at the center of the agency’s targeting scandal, to the Justice Department for possible criminal prosecution.

The result of the vote, which took place in a closed-door Ways and Means mark-up, means that Attorney General Eric Holder will now be called on to bring Lerner to court.

So, we’re going to have a corrupt Department of Justice run by ideologically identical bureaucrats investigate a blatant crime. Don’t blame me if I’m not impressed by this move.


Mar 26 14

Transcript from Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby Supreme Court Case

by TAP 1

Here’s the transcript from the oral arguments of what amounts to one of the most important religious liberty cases in the history of the country. Will the Court put its stamp of approval on the state infringing on religious freedom or will they shut down the egregious behavior and threaten Obamacare?

Hobby Lobby Transcript

Mar 19 14

5 Steps to Jumpstart Your Internet Marketing Campaign

by TAP 1

Are you killing yourself over your Internet marketing effort but seeing little or no return? You may be like millions of companies that have great stuff and maybe even a piece that went viral but paid advertising isn’t gaining the traction their content deserves. They need to follow up with solid Internet marketing in order to capitalize on their world-class content.

Whether you are an industry leader or just starting off, here are some tips that will accelerate your brand.

1. Embed Your Videos

If you are posting links to YouTube on your social media, you’re wasting your clicks. Embedding video (especially from YouTube) is easy as pie and when the video is on your site, you have much more flexibility with the viewing experience and the action items you want to direct your users to (such as Facebook likes). Also, when you post the video yourself in this format, you can give it a catchier name and description. I created a system in ZankRank to display videos with my own title and description easily and whenever I find good content, I post it on that site and direct users to the ZankRank page.

Embed Videos in your own site to capitalize on public content

Embed Videos in your own site to capitalize on public content

2. Create Memes

Despite the absolutely brilliant status messages that have been created since the invention, Facebook clearly favors images in their sharing algorithm. People want to see pictures and Facebook knows this. They display image posts more often than text or link posts on friends’ or followers’ feeds. To take advantage of that, you should try to frame your content in a bite-sized meme and make an image out of it to share. Add a link in the caption as an action item that will direct users to your content.

This meme got 230 shares and nearly 40k views

This meme got 230 shares and nearly 40k views


3. Piggyback Established Organizations

If you have original content, include links to established organizations that complement your message, then share the link with that organization. They may share it with their millions of followers. I wrote a blog piece about the idiocy of Paul Krugman and linked to the Ludwig von Mises Institute in support of the ideas and shared it with them. They reposted the link twice and I received tens of thousands of views from it and dozens of FB likes for the page.

4. Co-opt Good Content

If you receive good press or want to link to a really good article through your social media campaign, you should write a blog piece describing and quoting from the original article. When you promote the article or good press, you’re capturing the reader and exposing them to all of your FB likes and advertisements before you send them eventually to the source. Acton Blog and Juggernaut are great at this technique.

It’s important with this to actually add your own content and not just copy and paste someone else’s content. Also, make sure you’re posting to the original content. As a user, it’s disturbingly annoying to click on a FB link that goes to co-opted site with links to yet another co-opted site. This technique is worthwhile but has its limits.

5. Make People Laugh

We are a stressed out, angry civilization. The last thing we need is some organization pumping out further depressing material in order to market their product. It just doesn’t make for viral material. I have some phenomenal quotes from my books along the lines of:


but nothing spreads ideas faster than a laugh:


Funny Memes

Jan 14 14

Publisher Sells Belief in a Pill to Promote Book

by TAP 1

amelior_pill_packageAccording to the website, the nutraceutical Amelior can help mood, joint pain, and complexion. But there’s just one problem: it doesn’t do anything to achieve those results. It’s an inert placebo described in the latest spiritual fiction from Code Publishing, “Now and at the Hour of Our Death.”

“In the book,” author JSB Morse explains, “one of the characters takes what he thinks is a psychoactive pharmaceutical—a miracle pill—that gives him superhuman mental powers. But the pill is really just a placebo and everything he thought it was doing was really just his own belief system.”

Code Publishing worked with Amelior Institute to develop the FDA-approved pill, which is composed of only inert filler ingredients. They also posted several peer-reviewed studies that show the placebo is as or more effective than expensive pharmaceuticals with dangerous side effects.

When asked of the ethics of selling an inert pill with claims of medical benefits, Morse says that there is no ethical problem. “Studies show that people taking placebo really improve their condition, but they must believe that they will for it to work. The companies that push dangerous pharmaceuticals that are less effective than placebo are the ones who should be ethically questioned.”

Previously released books by Code Publishing include “Gods of Ruin: A Political Thriller” and “Chaos and Kingdom: A Financial Thriller.”

Dec 20 13

Thief Steals the Wrong Person’s iPad, Then Does Something Really Stupid

by TAP 1

An Indianapolis man got more than he bargained for after he reportedly stole an iPad on Thursday. Without a tracking app on the iPad, the victim was helpless to find the device.

That was until the thief did something really stupid: he contacted the victim’s daughter via an iPad application called FaceTime, which allows users to video chat.

The daughter (my friend) took a screenshot of the man during the chat and posted it to Facebook with the caption: “This idiot either stole or purchased my dad’s stolen iPad and had the nerve to FaceTime my brother & I. If you see him please report him to the IMPD non-emergency line at 317-327-3811. Help me make this punks mug go viral!!! Share & share & share!!! #Thief #idiot #ipad #viral #likeandshare #share #ipadThief #YouStoleFromAPreacher #Indy #Nap #Indianapolis #iCantStandThieves”:

ipad thief does something really stupid

Within hours, the image had been shared 60 times and my friend had received several emails with the suspect’s name, workplace, and shift.

She said, “Dad called the police who said they would only escort him if he saw the guy. He went inside the Shell and immediately saw the guy.” The police accompanied the  victim into the gas station and asked him to return the device, which he did.

This is how to use technology and social networks to fight crime! Maybe the NSA could learn a thing or two from this.

Dec 16 13

Al Gore Predicted No Polar Ice Cap. He Was Wrong

by TAP 1

In 2008, Al Gore predicted that the entire North Pole Ice cap would be completely gone in five years.

Well, five years have passed and there was still an ice cap at the warmest point of the year. What’s more is that the polar ice cap grew 29 percent over last year.


It make you wonder if there is any accountability with these crazed global warming alarmists. Their scare tactics are freaking people out into a statist solution but according to the data, there is no threat. Yes, global temperatures have risen since the 1980s. But weather models based on the anthropogenic global warming theories have failed to account for stable temps in the past ten years or the dramatic cooling we’ve seen in 2013.




I personally think that global cooling is a more frightening prospect and the alarmists should use that tactic to scare people, but regardless, it’s disconcerting to see such a wide agreement in the scientific community about something that is clearly not valid. It’s confusing too, until you understand that most of the climate-change propagandists get their grant money from governments that stand to benefit from climate-change regulation, what’s called the global warming gravy-train.

Nov 11 13

Three 20-Year-Olds Just Kicked Obamacare’s Ass

by TAP 1 is an unmitigated disaster. It’s slow, kicks people off, and doesn’t really give the use what he or she wants. Its disastrous failure was no doubt why only six (6) people signed up in the first 24 hours. Oh yeah and it cost the fine taxpayers $634 million dollars to produce. That doesn’t even include the costs for rebuilding it to actually do something worthwhile. Government: 0.

131108-HealthSherpa1_620x350Enter three 20-year-olds with programming skill and a desire to do some good. They took three days to develop, which basically does exactly what should be doing, but for any number of reason is not. And, I almost forgot, they did it with a budget of $0. Free Enterprise: 1.

This is a hilarious example of just how sickeningly inefficient government is compared to the free market. Giving Obama and his cronies the benefit of the doubt by not assuming they want to destroy this country and its health care, is a clear example of how worthless government is. represents the efficiency and effectiveness of a free people in creating helpful products. Free enterprise can do everything that government can do (except for legally harm people), and as we’ve seen here, it can do it exponentially better.

As Jeffrey Tucker said, “The government wants us to live like peasants while the market wants us to live like kings.”


Nov 11 13

How Does a White Republican Win an Election in a Heavily Black Democrat District?

by TAP 1

How Does a White Republican Win an Election in a Heavily Black Democrat District? He portrays himself as a black Democrat.


Here’s the story:


It may be a little dodgy to portray one’s self as something one is not but it highlights a serious problem in the democratic system: people vote for people based an any number of ridiculous reasons, not the least of which is skin color. Why would it be wrong for Wilson to portray himself as black if it’s okay to vote for someone just because he’s black?

The system is broken. Kudos to this guy for revealing an aspect of that brokenness.

Nov 11 13

Bizarre Rescue Story Caught on Tape

by TAP 1

0Charlene Deherrera drove into standing water and sank her vehicle while she was still inside. How was the rescuer able to pull this woman up through closed windows and doors? Was this a miracle?

Nov 6 13

Obamacare Makes Me Sick

by TAP 1

From the initial premise that forces people to buy something whether they want it or not, to the bizarre defense of that mandate as a tax by the Supreme Court, to the coercion in the HHS mandate that forces employers to buy something against their conscience, to the gutless acquiescence of House Republicans to give in to the hostage threats of the administration, to the repeated lies that Barack Obama told constituents (“If you like your plan you can keep it. Period.”), to the sickening rationalization of those lies by crazed supporters, to the fact that big corporations get exemptions from it but individuals do not, just about everything in the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) makes me sick.


We need to end it before it ends us.