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Inspiration for “House of Cards”

If you like the new Netflix original series “House of Cards”, chances are, you will love the political thriller “Gods of Ruin”, written by seasoned author and budding politician, JSB Morse. That’s because several central characters in “Cards” are evidently taken straight from the book.

House of Cards - Netflix

The anti-hero protagonist Francis Underwood is the devious, power-seeking mastermind that drives the plot of “Cards”. Viewers who have read “Gods of Ruin” will recognize him as an amalgam of the two “Gods” antagonists Thurston and Delano. From the specific character traits as ribs-loving, erudite Delano combined with the wet-bar frequenting, southern drawl of Thurston.

The junior senator Peter Russo is a clear representation of “Gods” protagonist Com DeGroot from his appearance to his womanizing ways to his propensity to brawl and engage in drunken debauchery. He comes complete with a staffer romantic interest (Haley Owens in “Gods”) and even battles his own conspiracy (formulated by Underwood/Thurston/Delano).

“House of Cards” even has the congressman unusually promote a security guard inextricably linked to him.

cover_mThe design, down to the modern, computer-esque font, is eerily similar as well.

The author of “Gods of Ruin” said, “Imitation is the greatest form of flattery and I’m deeply flattered.”

“The writers of ‘House of Cards’ have clearly read ‘Gods of Ruin‘ and they liked what they found. Perhaps the viewers of the series will too.”

“Gods of Ruin”was first published July 4, 2010, nine months before the US “House of Cards” was announced.

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