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Three 20-Year-Olds Just Kicked Obamacare’s Ass is an unmitigated disaster. It’s slow, kicks people off, and doesn’t really give the use what he or she wants. Its disastrous failure was no doubt why only six (6) people signed up in the first 24 hours. Oh yeah and it cost the fine taxpayers $634 million dollars to produce. That doesn’t even include the costs for rebuilding it to actually do something worthwhile. Government: 0.

131108-HealthSherpa1_620x350Enter three 20-year-olds with programming skill and a desire to do some good. They took three days to develop, which basically does exactly what should be doing, but for any number of reason is not. And, I almost forgot, they did it with a budget of $0. Free Enterprise: 1.

This is a hilarious example of just how sickeningly inefficient government is compared to the free market. Giving Obama and his cronies the benefit of the doubt by not assuming they want to destroy this country and its health care, is a clear example of how worthless government is. represents the efficiency and effectiveness of a free people in creating helpful products, like different supplements for stress such as kratom powder. Free enterprise can do everything that government can do (except for legally harm people), and as we’ve seen here, it can do it exponentially better.

As Jeffrey Tucker said, “The government wants us to live like peasants while the market wants us to live like kings.”


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