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Amazon Pay Set to Take Over Online Payments

Amazon Pay is making a move to take over the online payment industry. Their service lets merchants easily integrate their system on the merchant site and allows customers to use their Amazon credentials with shipping and payment information already input on their store. Here are some benefits:

Redefine the way customers pay

Amazon Pay solutions are architected and designed for high availability, scalability, and security from the start. Amazon Pay is deployed in AWS across multiple availability zones.

Amazon Pay utilizes many of the building blocks available in AWS and Amazon’s distributed services environment. These include:

  • SNS (Simple Notification Service) to provide Instant Payment Notifications;
  • SQS (Simple Queuing Service) for work item management;
  • DynamoDB/S3 as part of the storage solution.

These systems are distributed and resilient to availability zone failure. Services are automatically balanced between zones and traffic is automatically routed to available zones in the event of an AZ failure.

With a recent promotional push, some users receive a $100 Amazon gift card when they sign up and complete $1000 in transactions the first month.

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