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The Greatest Fantasy Football Invitation of All Time

Fantasy football has become more popular than actual football and don’t we all know it. If you’re not inspired by the anthem kneelers or the NFL’s response and you need a little more motivation, perhaps this will do it for you. Grab a funny fantasy football team name and some popcorn!

I Will Never Be Ready For Some Football Stop Askin


Let’s do this. One more caper. $50. XXX and I are Co-Commissioners. ZZZ’s run has come to a sad but glorious end. He has retired to tend to his goldfish, cultivate his collection of rare Mark Walberg memorablia (The Antiques Roadshow host, not the guy from Boston who used to do hate crimes), and admire his own massive hog. Seriously, its amazing. People are saying it more and more, and you really do hear it. Thank you for your service ZZZ.

I have the draft tentatively set for August 21st, Tuesday, at 11PM. I think that’s Eastern time but who knows.

Looks like we need at least one more person, maybe more? I’ve set the max teams at twelve in case we have more people who want to join, so tell your friends! Your stupid, stupid friends.

I have no idea how many keepers you get, but you need to select them by August 20th. I will approve all keepers except for Ryan Fitzpatrick. I will kick you out of the league if you try to keep Ryan Fitzpatrick.

I did eliminate two bench positions because it’s more fun if you have to pick up Eric Ebron thirty-seven different times throughout the year. That’s why we all do this right? For hilarious Eric Ebron & Ryan Fitzpatrick content? I like to call him Fitzmagic. That’s my thing.

The points will probably stay the same, but again. Not sure.

Prizes will also probably stay the same, unless we add two more people in which case they’d increase. Of course, none of this talk of rewards really matters, because our ultimate reward comes in heaven. So say your prayers now, because this is going to be hell.

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