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Who’s the largest employer in each state?

November 30, 2018

Who’s the largest private employer in each state? For 22 states, the answer is Walmart—that evil greedy representation of capitalism!

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Convert InDesign Creative Cloud Book to Amazon Kindle

September 26, 2018

For a conversion that may occur hundreds of times a day across the country, converting an InDesign Creative Cloud book to an Amazon Kindle file is not an easy process. You can export the InDesign file as an epub, which looks great in iBooks, but that doesn’t cut it in Kindle and editing the epub […]

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Amazon Will Announce Austin, Texas as New HQ2

September 20, 2018

In a move that will no doubt shock many in the industry, global ecommerce giant Amazon will announce Austin, TX to be home of their new headquarters (HQ2) by the end of the year. The development will span several years and place the multi-billion-dollar campus on Austin’s near-east side next to Oracle’s new campus. The […]

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Email Scam Targeting Web Developers

August 30, 2018

I recently received a request for a website development gig by email from a Joshua Knight ( My name is Joshua Knight,Do you do Website design for new company and do you accept credit card ??? It looked suspicious, but I replied that I did and got a web developer’s dream follow-up: i have small […]

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Charter Spectrum Business hosting does not support WordPress

August 22, 2018

Based on our limited experience with them, Charter Spectrum is possibly the worst web hosting company in the world. They advertise a free domain and website with their ISP/phone services along with 10 mySQL databases. What they don’t advertise is the 4 months you’ll spend trying to transfer your domain to the company and trouble […]

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Exxon Mobil Rewards Attempts to Fill Plenti Void

August 22, 2018

With the sudden implosion of Plenti, consumers have been wont for a rewards card that can do the same wonderful things as Plenti did. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to be happening as there are no other loyalty/rewards cards that were as “plenti”ful the reach as Plenti card did. Exxon Mobil are doing their best to […]

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iMac Keeps Shutting Off Randomly

August 21, 2018

Update: The iMac started shutting off randomly no matter what apps I was using and eventually it was happening multiple times a day. I figured that it was probably the power supply, which is known to cause issues for these iMacs. I ended up getting a replacement power supply with a repair kit. I used […]

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Grow Food Not Lawns

August 17, 2018

Excerpt from the forthcoming book, Paleo Family: Raising Natural Kids in an Unnatural World. There was a meme going around recently that mocked gardeners. It sarcastically stated that, “Growing your own tomatoes really is the best way to devote three months of your life to save $2.17.” Har har har. The joke’s on whoever made […]

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How The RealReal Offers Authenticity In The Luxury Market

August 16, 2018

To those who don’t have any idea on what The RealReal is, then take note that it’s a shop for luxury items. It is a store dedicated to operating in the industry of luxurious items – meaning that this is a shop for the rich. It is also a shop which aims to preserve the […]

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Amazon Pay Set to Take Over Online Payments

August 2, 2018

Amazon Pay is making a move to take over the online payment industry. Their service lets merchants easily integrate their system on the merchant site and allows customers to use their Amazon credentials with shipping and payment information already input on their store. Here are some benefits: Redefine the way customers pay Amazon Pay solutions […]

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