Everyone Agrees: Book I: Words, Ideas, and a Universal Morality

Why do atheists and believers argue for hours without first defining “God?” Why do people describe Nazis and Soviets in exactly the same way yet place them on opposite ends of the political spectrum? Why do some judge others for being judgmental? Why are some psychologists trying to disprove psychology? And how does arguing show that we really agree? In the fascinating and groundbreaking new work, “Everyone Agrees”, J.S.B. Morse uncovers clues to these riddles and reveals how disagreements are merely the result of a difference in perspective of a shared “mountain of truth.” Using entertaining examples from both scientific literature and pop culture, Morse breaks down the popular “us-against-them” and morally relative mentalities, proving that everyone really does agree, even when it comes to such hot-button issues as politics, religion, and the NFL’s best quarterback. “Everyone Agrees” offers an introduction to the theory of concurrence, a unique take on human behavior which places logic (or simple common sense) at the heart of a universal morality. With the same accessible style and penetrating insight found in Morse’s first two books, “The Evolution Diet” and “How To Take Advantage of the People Who Are Trying to Take Advantage of You”, “Everyone Agrees” provides an entirely new perspective on perspective itself.

Everyone Agrees Trailer: