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Why is Unemployment Skyrocketing?

According to Gallup, the last month has seen a sharp increase in unemployment (from 7.7% to 8.9%) and a sharp decrease in payroll to population (44.8% to 43.7%). This has only been hinted at by major news outlets (some even reporting conflicting news) and the president has not commented on the bizarre trend. The BLS is still showing July’s numbers at 7.4% unemployment.


This trend also coincides with a marked increase in the price of precious metals. Silver has seen an increase of 20% in the same time period and gold has seen a rise of 5%, this in the era of Fed talk of reducing Quantitative Easing.


Is it possible that the Second Great Depression isn’t over? Is it possible that all the ridiculous amounts of stimulus and waste the government put forth in the last couple years didn’t do what they wished it would to? I stand on a quote from “Gods of Ruin” that making universal prosperity a right is the surest way to universal poverty.


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