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Great Technique to Save on Flower Delivery — Up to 50% Off!

In the modern age, there’s no way you can personally give flowers to all the women in your life who would appreciate them on Valentine’s Day. And part of the fun of the holiday is letting your woman show off her belovedness by getting flowers at work. Places like 1-800-Flowers makes it easy to hop online and click a few times to have flowers delivered on the special day and a happy recipient.

TW490The problem with online florists is that you pick out an already-overpriced bouquet—say for $29.99 and by the time you’re charging your credit card, the price has risen astronomically to over $70. How did this happen?

Well, those retailers charge fees for weekend and Monday delivery, special day delivery (like Valentine’s Day), and rush delivery—not to mention special notes and all the extra perks.

What is a modern frugal flower-giver to do?

You can search for discounts for those florist sites. If you’re paying the retail price, you’re not doing it right. You should be able to Google up to 50% off of your order with no problem. Pro-flowers offers them on their own site: but you have to seek it out. If you’re about to click “BUY” at full price, they’re not going to stop you.

An ever better deal is to look to the massive online retailer Amazon, which has recently entered the floral market with a great selection. The great thing about this is that if you have Amazon Prime, their frequent buyer program, you get flower delivery for… wait for it… free! And not just any delivery, you get two day delivery for free with few restrictions on holidays.

Amazon is amazing and it just gets better with their Prime Membership. With a couple gift bouquets, the Prime membership will pay for itself. Add to that all the other benefits like free music and video content along with a Kindle lending library. It’s pretty much perfect.

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