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EZVIZ Security Camera “This Device is Offline”

The EZVIZ home security package is amazing—with a low cost and easy setup, you can have your very own professional security system.

The documentation for the app isn’t great, however, and I couldn’t find the answer to my problem online:

After a couple days not checking the app, I launch it and all my cameras said “This Device is Offline”. I tried powering down and restarting the device to no avail. I switched out the power adapter to the camera and that didn’t help either.

Finally, I switched the ports that the ethernet connected in the router and it worked.

Evidently, when lightning struck nearby, it fried some of the ports (I’m guessing). Either way, switching the ports worked and I have an active security system again.

Here’s the full review:

This is a truly amazing home security kit. It has everything you need including 4 hi-def (1080p) video cameras—none of those fuzzy, grainy, chopped up CCTV feeds, a stellar 1TB DVR, and all the cords and attachment materials. It’s all you need to set up your own sophisticated security system for very little cost.

It must be noted that this is not a Sunday afternoon DIY project. This will require some planning, and if you want it to be professional looking, so considerable changes to the infrastructure (drilling holes where you need the cameras).

The one drawback I thought this had was the fairly limited video cordage. I thought it only came with 60 ft. of AV cord to connect the cameras to the DVR but it actually comes with 60ft for each camera (60ft x 4).

This solution seems to have everything you need to run a professional security system on your own. Although you can use a monitor with the DVR, the app is the way to go. You set up an account, assign the DVR with the handy QR code and you can view your cameras on your phone wherever you are. It’s LEGIT.

The Infrared, camera zoom, video playback is all amazing too. This thing keeps getting better.

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