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Convert InDesign Creative Cloud Book to Amazon Kindle

For a conversion that may occur hundreds of times a day across the country, converting an InDesign Creative Cloud book to an Amazon Kindle file is not an easy process. You can export the InDesign file as an epub, which looks great in iBooks, but that doesn’t cut it in Kindle and editing the epub is a hassle as well. We have the solution below but if you don’t want to mess with all that, just contact our partners at Code Publishing and they will take care of you.


1. Export your InDesign book as HTML:

This creates a continuous-flow document. You could upload this to Kindle but, we recommend making it look better.

2. Import your HTML file into Google Drive

3. Right-click on the file in the list and choose Open With > Google Docs

This will display your HTML file as a readable document instead of a bunch of HTML nodes.


4. Download as a Word Doc (docx):

5. Download Kindle Create application here:

6. Import your Word Doc into Kindle Create:


7. Style, save, and publish.

8. Upload your KDF file to Kindle and you’re all set!



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