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It Takes Trey Gowdy About Three Minutes to Explain Exactly What’s Wrong With America

May 13, 2014

Trey Gowdy is leading a special investigation into Benghazi and I don’t know if there was a better person to put in charge. In this short clip, he summarizes exactly what’s wrong with the country in entertaining, poignant fashion. “Congress is supposed to provide oversight. Voters are supposed to provide oversight. [The media] are supposed […]

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Watch This Guy School A Clueless Cop

May 7, 2014

Watch as this unsuspecting guy obliterates a cop who is “just doing his job” (and doing it wrong). I love how he asks his 14-year-old protege to school the cop for him. Know your rights!

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Military Interventionism is Unproductive, Unreasonable, and Un-American

April 30, 2014

If there’s one legitimate role for the federal government, it’s national defense. But that raises the question: what constitutes a national defense? Moreover what constitutes a sound national defense. While defense is vital to our existence, military interventionism is usually unproductive, unreasonable, and un-American. Military interventionism is unproductive because, not only does it not work to help keep […]

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BREAKING: Corrupt DOJ to Investigate Corrupt IRS

April 9, 2014

It looks like there is some motion to reprimand the fall guy for the IRS targeting scandal, Lois Lerner. According to The Blaze: A House committee voted 23-14 along party lines to refer Lois Lerner, the former IRS official at the center of the agency’s targeting scandal, to the Justice Department for possible criminal prosecution. […]

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Transcript from Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby Supreme Court Case

March 26, 2014

Here’s the transcript from the oral arguments of what amounts to one of the most important religious liberty cases in the history of the country. Will the Court put its stamp of approval on the state infringing on religious freedom or will they shut down the egregious behavior and threaten Obamacare? Hobby Lobby Transcript

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Thief Steals the Wrong Person’s iPad, Then Does Something Really Stupid

December 20, 2013

An Indianapolis man got more than he bargained for after he reportedly stole an iPad on Thursday. Without a tracking app on the iPad, the victim was helpless to find the device. That was until the thief did something really stupid: he contacted the victim’s daughter via an iPad application called FaceTime, which allows users […]

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Al Gore Predicted No Polar Ice Cap. He Was Wrong

December 16, 2013

In 2008, Al Gore predicted that the entire North Pole Ice cap would be completely gone in five years. Well, five years have passed and there was still an ice cap at the warmest point of the year. What’s more is that the polar ice cap grew 29 percent over last year. It make you […]

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Three 20-Year-Olds Just Kicked Obamacare’s Ass

November 11, 2013 is an unmitigated disaster. It’s slow, kicks people off, and doesn’t really give the use what he or she wants. Its disastrous failure was no doubt why only six (6) people signed up in the first 24 hours. Oh yeah and it cost the fine taxpayers $634 million dollars to produce. That doesn’t even […]

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How Does a White Republican Win an Election in a Heavily Black Democrat District?

November 11, 2013

How Does a White Republican Win an Election in a Heavily Black Democrat District? He portrays himself as a black Democrat. Here’s the story:   It may be a little dodgy to portray one’s self as something one is not but it highlights a serious problem in the democratic system: people vote for people based […]

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Obamacare Makes Me Sick

November 6, 2013

From the initial premise that forces people to buy something whether they want it or not, to the bizarre defense of that mandate as a tax by the Supreme Court, to the coercion in the HHS mandate that forces employers to buy something against their conscience, to the gutless acquiescence of House Republicans to give […]

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