Charter Spectrum Business hosting does not support WordPress

Based on our limited experience with them, Charter Spectrum is possibly the worst web hosting company in the world. They advertise a free domain and website with their ISP/phone services along with 10 mySQL databases. What they don’t advertise is the 4 months you’ll spend trying to transfer your domain to the company and trouble with customer service when the domain is suspended because it isn’t verified by ICANN after the fact. They also don’t allow you access to those 10 mySQL databases, so there’s really no reason to advertise them.

Based on the marketing, I advised a client that they would be able to set up a WordPress site, which requires PHP and a mySQL database. I figured, that would be a reasonable expectation. It was not. Here’s a thread from the WordPress forum:

  • bowersmike


    If anyone has a solution to install WordPress using Charter Communication’s Spectrum Business hosting please let me know. Please don’t give “suggestions” but only reply if you have actually done it. : )

    I get “the” white screen in the beginning so the install doesn’t even begin.

    Fyi.. the first level of hosting support staff has never heard of WordPress… no joke!
    I learned that the actual hosting is done by a different company so their staff can’t do anything technical. A supervisor will have to write a ticket to the other company and then relay the message back to you in a couple days.

    Conclusion: This is not a “rant” but just giving you a “heads up” to not even begin to try to use Spectrum Business’ web hosting for WordPress. I have spent hours and hours with no success. (I have installed WordPress many times using 5 different hosting companies with little problem.)

    I hope this post helps a few of you save some of your valuable time.

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  • dnelson0828


    Thank you for this. I have tried the same thing. This is seriously ridiculous. Doesn’t make sense with all of the tools available, that they still only provide Plesk 4.5. Ugh…infuriating! #charterspectrumbusiness is crap!

    Michael Flynn


    I wish I had seen this before providing a quote to a client.


Turns out you can install WordPress on the Spectrum hosted site, but you’ll have to connect to a database off of their servers because they don’t allow users access to their “10 free databases”.

If you need assistance with this, our partners at Code will be able to help you out! You can purchase monthly or annual MySQL hosting through their web store.