SlimCD Payment Gateway Module for Prestashop

One of my clients with a Prestashop eCommerce site was on the legacy SecureNet system through Worldpay and we had a payment gateway created by Prestashop that worked fine. After the recent FIS/vantiv/Worldpay merger however, they decided to discontinue the old payment gateways. We got word of it a few months ago, but it wasn’t clear what we needed to do.

Days ago, all of our transactions were being rejected: Declined with an error code 902 which is invalid entry information.

Worldpay has been exhaustively delinquent with their customer support and after being juggled around for hours, we finally got the final answer that we had been ported over to the new Mercury system and had to use the Slim CD gateway.

Slim CD doesn’t have very good documentation and their support was minimal but we were able to create the Slim CD Prestashop Payment Gateway and get up and running.

Please let us know in the comments if you’re having similar issues or need support.